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Source: Planning Institute of Australia

Offices comprise a large proportion of workplaces in Australia.  Individual car travel to and from work generates approximately 14 million tonnes of greenhouse gas every year.  A workplace that encourages cycling and walking to work by providing end of trip facilities will:

  • Reduce environmental impacts by contributing to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
  • Contribute to the health of its workers, given that regular walking and cycling to work can help control stress, anxiety and depression, and build social connections in the workplace. As a result, cycle and walking friendly workplaces may have greater morale, lower absenteeism and higher productivity.

Offices that are accessible by public transport also reduce the use of motor vehicles and encourage walking to and from public transport.

An urban structure that is designed to be walkable and cycleable will encourage people to use active transport to commute to work.  

Offices should be located within designated activity centres which are accessible by walking, cycling and public transport by interconnected street and pathway networks that are focused on the centre. 

Health & Planning Fact
Bicycle Victoria noted that a study commissioned by Medibank Private in 2005, found that healthy workers are almost three times more effective at work than unhealthy workers and indicated the following statistics:

Healthy workers – 143 effective hours worked per month
Unhealthy workers – 49 effective hours worked per month

This study also reported:

  • 10% of workers surveyed were completely inactive
  • 40% engaged in only minimal exercise
  • 62% of workers surveyed were overweight, including 28% clinically obese as defined by the World Health Organisation, and
  • 53% felt overwhelmed with stress and pressure a significant proportion of the time (Bicycle Victoria, 2007).

Click here for more detailed information and practice advice on health and planning for Workplaces - Offices.

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