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Neighbourhood paths Burswood, Perth
Source: TPG Town Planning and Urban Design

The design and layout of a new neighbourhood or subdivision determines the nature of the urban form.   When a neighbourhood is well planned it: 

  • sets the urban character and design of an area
  • provides the footprint for public spaces that allow social interaction
  • defines access and movement networks that will encourage active transport
  • allocates land for a range of uses, eg shops, community centres, parks, thus enabling a community to meet most of their daily needs within walking or cycling distance of where they live

These outcomes will assist in enhancing the health and wellbeing of a community by encouraging people to be more physically active.

The physical characteristics of a subdivision that encourage people to be more physically active and connected to their community include:

  • mixed land use offering a range of opportunities and destinations for the community to meet their daily needs, eg. employment, shopping, education recreation
  • mixed density of development, increasing the population catchment around key destinations and improving the viability and vitality of activity centres
  • an active transport network, including an interconnected street network and a safe and legible walking and cycling network that enables direct access to key destinations

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