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Measuring Success

Successful implementation requires clearly articulated goals and measures for evaluation.

To help ensure success:

  • define aims and objectives clearly
  • be clear about the big picture framework
  • be inclusive of all stakeholders
  • be rational and rigorous, and
  • have an effective implementation and evaluation plan.

Mechanisms for partnership and collaboration need to established at the outset and need to involve a wide range of skills – professional, technical, community, cultural, financial, local and generalist.

Source: Planning Institute of Australia

Key considerations include:

  • Planning for active living needs to be considered at all levels of the planning system – planning policies and strategies, development proposals, site design, and projects. For instance, at the policy level, is people’s health and wellbeing a key consideration?
  • In planning for active living everyone who is potentially affected by a plan or a proposal should be consulted and involved. This includes the community, developers, experts, professionals and specific population groups (such as people with disabilities, elderly people, children and people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds).

The design principles provide a useful checklist for evaluating development proposals.  Key questions could be asked for different design principles, for example active transport – is there provision for walking and cycling routes? parks and open space – are there parks within easy walking distance of most residences?

Appropriate checklists can help ensure that healthy planning considerations are included at the site level. For example, for walkability checklists see Walkable America and Victoria Walks.



Bikeability Checklist

Checklist for Healthy and Sustainable Communities

SPACES (Systematic Pedestrian and Cycling Environment Scan) Audit Instrument

Victoria Walks - Walking Audit

Walkability Checklist 

Watch out for health: a checklist for assessing the health impact of planning proposals (UK)


Last updated on 25th February, 2014

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