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Infill Development

Infill development, Perth
Source: TPG Town Planning and Urban Design

Infill development is being undertaken in most Australian cities and towns.  Most of this development is within inner or middle ring suburbs as land and infrastructure for new growth areas becomes more expensive to develop, and residents are looking for greater choices in location. 

Infill development can be undertaken at a range of scales including:

  • Redevelopment of existing buildings and sites
  • Development of vacant sites
  • Redevelopment of underutilised land and buildings sometimes in large scale urban renewal projects (see examples of Australian urban renewal projects in right hand column).
As this type of development is becoming more common it is important that the principles for healthy places are considered in planning for these areas.

Health & Planning Fact
Research has indicated that neighbourhoods with a high population density, good land use mix, high connectivity and good provision of walking and cycling facilities are more likely to encourage walking and cycling for transportation.  Infill developments especially in larger scale urban renewal projects are able to incorporate many of these principles that encourage active living.

Infill development should:

  • Be well integrated into the surrounding area to enhance active living options such as with connections to pedestrian, cycling and public transport networks
  • Where relevant provide upgraded or improved supporting infrastructure
  • Depending on the scale of the project, revitalize or create new streets and public areas
  • Provide a range of housing options for all members of the community.

Click here for more detailed information and practice advice on health and planning for Infill Development.

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Examples of Urban Renewal Projects
Docklands, Melbourne Vic

Subiaco, Subiaco Redevelopment
Authority, Perth WA

HoneySuckle, Hunter Development Corporation,

Kelvin Grove Urban Village, Brisbane Qld

Case Studies
East Perth Redevelopment

Subi Centro, Subiaco Redevelopment

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