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Education & Training

Education and training for a range of audiences about the linkages and interrelations between environments and health are essential for promoting healthy communities.


  • Facilitate behavioural change by making healthy choices the easy choices.
  • Encourage community education and promotion
  • Encourage work rotations between industries influencing the built environment, so that there is better understanding of the complexities of environments for health
  • Raise awareness and educate about the value of incorporating determinants of health with other key stakeholders (including private development industries and roads authorities)
  • Include healthy planning in planning and health courses
  • Encourage continuing professional development on health and urban environment issues

In 2011 the Heart Foundation funded PIA to develop a training package that could be used as a tool to provide a comprehensive overview of the relationship and evidence between health and the built form.

The training is aimed at local government staff working amongst the built environment, however it is proposed that this training will be adapted and rolled out to other groups such as developers and health professionals at a later stage. One of the key objectives is for participants to play an advocacy role in their daily lives to promote and nurture healthy places.

Four training modules have been developed and each module runs for half a day each.  Further information and associated costs.


Building stronger communities through physical activity: a practitioners resource

Case Studies

Health in All Policies, South Australia

Healthy Planning course, University of New South Wales

Training Courses for Professionals on Designing for Pedestrians and Cyclists, New South Wales and Queensland


Last updated on 25th February, 2014

Sponsors This project was funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing.