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Busselton Community Garden, Western Australia

Town/Region | Busselton
State | WA
Context | Suburban
Target Group | Renters
Timing | Ongoing
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Community Gardens can be a local solution to addressing sustainability and health. Growing food locally can contribute to creating a sense of community, increase the physical activity of members and contribute to shared public open space that is of benefit to people’s health and wellbeing. The Busselton Community Gardens project was initiated in Spring 2005, with planning approval gained in January 2007 and ground works started in Winter 2007. It is still undergoing development.

Key Features

  • Covers an area of 0.5 hectares and incorporates up to 80 individual allotments.
  • Located on the edge of a light industrial area, on the other side of the river to the existing urban area. Other locations may have been more desirable for local access, however restricted by land availability.
  • Includes communal growing areas, a river foreshore area that has been revegetated along with road verges that have been weeded and revegetated with native planting.
  • Participation of community groups that require physical activities as part of their core operations, including disabled people, schools, green corps, government departments and other organisations. 
  • Allotments are available so that people living on small blocks and/or those who are renting make up most of the plot members.
  • Contributes to improving the health of members through the benefits of physical activity from working in the garden beds or just walking around the garden and having a look. 
  • Other health benefits include the eating of organic food and the development of social networks that contribute to a sense of belonging in the community.
  • Improves the local amenity of the area – the garden looks attractive and is a nice place to visit.


  • Securing support from local Council Officers and Councillors has been critical for the project to advance
  • Construction and maintenance are two separate aspects to developing a community garden  
  • Establishing partnerships with local council, businesses and other community groups is crucial to ensure adequate and ongoing funding and support
  • Can provide a venue for community education in things such as composting and worm farming, and thereby contribute to meeting local and state goals for reducing waste and improving the health of residents

Click here for more detailed information on Busselton Community Gardens in Western Australia. 

Last updated on 5th June, 2009

Sponsors This project was funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing.