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East Perth, Claisebrook Village, Western Australia

Town/Region | Perth
State | WA
Context | Inner City
Target Group | All
Timing | 1991-2015
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The East Perth project has transformed an industrial wasteland into a high quality mixed-use development focused around a constructed inlet of the Swan River now known as Claisebrook Cove. The development encompasses quality residential and commercial development along with parkland, waterways and public art.

Design guidelines have ensured that the development of a diverse and inclusive community, where safety and walkability are assisted through the creation of an active street network and passive surveillance.  The project set new standards in terms of investment in the quality of public domain.  It is linked directly to the city by the Central Area Transit (CAT) system.

Key Features

  • Provides a variety of housing types, mixed densities and affordable housing opportunities for the creation of an inclusive urban environment.
  • Reconnects the urban environment to the waters edge, creating a high quality public realm that promotes integration of a wide variety of outdoor recreation activities.
  • Creates a variety of accessible and interconnected high quality public open space destinations to facilitate both passive and active recreation opportunities.
  • Improving safety in the public realm by facilitating the natural surveillance of streets, laneways parks and garden.
  • High quality built form with landmark development that promotes a sense of place and local identity.
  • Facilitates access through an interconnected street network to a wide range of retail, service, office and employment opportunities.
  • Increasing residential densities close to a wide variety of services and amenities to create a walkable urban form.


  • The investment made in improving the public domain up front can create an environment that attracts consolidated higher value mixed use development.
  • Long-term continuity of the project team helps to ensure the vision is delivered.

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Last updated on 24th June, 2009

Sponsors This project was funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing.