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Subi Centro, City of Subiaco, Western Australia

Town/Region | Perth
State | WA
Context | Town Centre
Target Group | All
Timing | 1997-2015
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This award winning redevelopment of former industrial land in Subiaco provides a mix of townhouses, apartments, commercial office, retail shopping, home office and service industry.  It has an integrated range of public open space.  The area accommodates a wide variety of living, entertainment and business uses with exceptional access to public transport provided by a new underground rail station. 

The project has so far attracted over half a billion dollars in private sector investment to transform this former industrial land into a vibrant urban centre.  A key initiative was the undergrounding of a one kilometre portion of the Perth to Fremantle railway line to facilitate the connection of Subi Centro with existing urban development.

Key Features

  • Undergrounding of a section of the Perth to Fremantle railway line has removed the barrier caused by the rail line and allowed infill on valuable inner city land.
  • Providing a variety of housing types, mixed densities and affordable housing opportunities for the creation of an inclusive urban environment.
  • Creating a variety of accessible and interconnected public open space destinations to facilitate passive and active recreation opportunities along with access to a range of retail, service, office and employment opportunities.
  • Improving safety in the public realm by facilitating passive surveillance of streets, laneway, parks and gardens.
  • Improving access to public transit services through the integration of various public transport modes such as rail, bus and taxi with pedestrian and cyclist networks, with a proven increase in public transport use and pedestrian activity.
  • Providing an equitable pedestrian network for all users incorporating the ‘City to Sea’ cycleway with clear demarcation between pedestrian, cyclist and vehicle infrastructure through the heart of Subi Centro.


  • Whilst the resulting residential density in Subi Cento is a significant achievement, pursuing greater density in the development would further enhance connection and accessibility in a more compact urban form.
  • Value adding of industrial land to the north of the rail through undergrounding of the railway line provided an opportunity to capture high land values to the south of the railway line to offset infrastructure costs associated with undergrounding the rail. 
  • Costs of creating the quality public realm were met up front and recouped at a later stage through the sale of value added land parcels. Providing high quality infrastructure enhanced land values prior to sale.

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Last updated on 23rd July, 2009

Sponsors This project was funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing.